• Want to work together on a custom watercolor painting? This fee is for a flat-rate commission using the guidelines below. I'm happy to make something of any size or to work with your budget, so if what you see here isn't quite what you're looking for, feel free to contact me and we can discuss.


    Otherwise, here's what you'll send me:

    - 1-3 objects you'd like in the painting (no portraits right now)

    - a general setting (bedroom, living room, porch, kitchen, office...)

    - 1-2 colors to start from

    - Anything you absolutely cannot stand to have in your painting (hate polka dots? tell me please!)


    Then I'll send you

    - A sketch

    - A color palette


    And you'll have a chance to give one round of feedback. Then I'll paint away and send it off to you!


    Timline is subject to both of our schedules - I won't make any promises on turnaround time here! If you'd like to commission a painting for a specific event/date, please contact me before purchasing.